Movie Review: Burnt

wp-1455714868323.jpgI admit I have a slight obsession with Gordon Ramsay. He is a complete a-hole in the kitchen, but he is an incredible culinary genius which is clear in his earning of 16 Michelin stars. And did I mention he is absolutely gorgeous!

When I first saw this movie in ads, I thought it was a depiction of Ramsay’s life as a young chef, but then they introduced the name Adam Jones. He is basically a rock star in the chef world with two michelin stars, but chose drugs once his reputation reached an all-star level at such a young age. After hitting rock bottom, he sobered up for two and a half years and sentenced himself to shucking a million oysters before putting himself back in the food world and trying for a third star.

“What frightens you most?” “Spiders, death.” – Burnt

As he composed his team, he meets old friends and new, controlling as much of his world as he can as he prepares to attain his next star. In the opening night of the kitchen, their service flops and Adam, played by Bradley Cooper, another fine specimen, goes into the fit of rage we all know and love usually displayed by a Mr. Gordon Ramsay. As services continue, and things finally seem as if they are melding together, a waitress thinks the michelin star eaters arrive, there to judge the meal, ambiance, and service. His over compulsive and arrogant attitude gets him in trouble again as his sous-chef double crosses him, repayment for a wrong during Adam’s drug induced past.

“There’s strength in needing others.” – Burnt

As Adam relapses and seems to contemplate suicide, he finds an uplifting hand in a past friend turned foe and rival to his new restaurant. He picks himself up and continues, but before long, another potential michelin star pair visit the restaurant. Only this time, Adam is calm, cool, and collected.

I really enjoyed this movie. Like I said above, anything with Gordon Ramsay in it has my viewer ship, so watching this movie, I felt like it was an extension of him. The entire plot line is based on a story, but I almost wonder if Adam’s character was inspired by Gordon. There is also a romance in the mix which is lightly played in comparison to the utmost goal of capturing the third star. The acting was perfect, a great cast, but the cinematography! Oh, it is beautiful! How people can create such art with food, I’ll never understand. I’m lucky to cook a chicken property, let alone make it look pretty. The vibrancy of colors is delicious to the eye.

Bit of a side note: Do all chefs smoke? Weird, you think they wouldn’t because it would ruin their palette, but every cooking reality show or movie of chefs, they all smoke. Kind of ironic really since they rely so heavily on their sense of taste and smell.

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