Merry Christmas! Find your Christmas Cheer!

I’m feeling rather festive this year, really getting into the holy holiday spirit. This year seems different for me, and I haven’t been able to figure out why. We bought a new Christmas tree and decorated it before the first of December which has typically been my rule. I’ve been playing Christmas music since before Thanksgiving (big deal for me), and I’m sure if my husband hears “Mary, did you know?” by Pentatonix one more time he is going to strangle me with garland. And we’ve seen Santa at least twice now.

I really hadn’t been able to figure out why I have been in such a festive mood until today, watching my daughter’s face as she opens presents for her first involved Christmas. Last year, my little girl was a tiny week-old newborn, sleeping through the holiday festivities while Daddy and I were trying to find as much sleep as we could, but this year, she is involved and wanting to be a part of it all. To see her eyes light up as another toy is put in front of her, to watch her smile as a family member plays on the floor with her, to hear her laugh and become excited as the wrapping paper rips and crinkles as she pulls it from her next gift has truly shown me the meaning of Christmas. To bring joy to those around you and be surrounded by the ones you love.

I guess I’ve been anticipating this day, building it up in my own mind and spirit, ready to spend this time with my little family and extended ones. I feel the peace I have always heard people talk about, and the joy at being with my family, but the love that is overwhelming me during this holiday, I never believed could be so strong. It is this emotion, this strong connection to my loved ones that is filling me with the spirit of Christmas and has me bursting at the seams with holiday cheer.

Now, please excuse me as I enjoy another holiday cookie before the New Year comes around, and my resolution kicks in. (Stay tuned!)

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