Venting Post – Tomcat Mouse Killer

I don’t normally use my blog as a means to complain about something so completely off topic from my love of reading and writing books, and most recently my pregnancy, but I have to voice my opinion on this one.

I don’t watch much T.V. (I prefer books or movies), but the few shows that I do follow have been riddled with this commercial from Tomcat Mouse Killer. It starts with a curtain and a narrator saying something along the lines of “Because our product works so great, we had to figure out something to do with all of the dead mice, so we invented dead mouse theater.” The commercial continues to play out a staged scene of a town in the distance surrounded by water and a ship just off shore.

Two dead mice appear, one dressed up as a Viking and the other in peasant garb with black X’s over their eyes, and come to the foreground to hold a dialog about being friends from the past. The mouse in a Vikings costume declared that he was pillaging the peasant mouse’s town, and screaming and fire roar from the distance. The peasant mouse says “But we use to be friends,” and the Viking mouse basically says “Not anymore” and hits the peasant mouse in the head with a mace. The peasant mouse is left lying on the ground with a spilled basket nearby while the curtain closes and the narrator gives more information on the product.

I have seen this commercial now multiple times on various channels, and every time it comes on I find myself becoming more and more upset. I love animals, but do not think of myself as an activist. I would never want to see a creature hurt or injured, but I do understand the need for products like these. My issue is not that this product kills mice or even that they have a commercial saying their product kills mice. My issue is with the commercial itself.

Have we as a society really become so demoralized and uncaring that parading dead animals on T.V. is OK? Even if the mice they used on this commercial weren’t real like stuffed animal toys, has it really become acceptable to portray something as dead and broadcast it to millions? Whatever happened to valuing life and honoring death instead of playing with dead things and attempting to portray comedy with them. I understand they are just mice, and as I said above, the necessity to rid a restaurant or house of them, but to show their carcasses as play things is absolutely disgusting!

If a child were to act out this scene, or even if an adult were to imitate this display, their sanity would seriously be questioned, and they may even be evaluated in attempts to find a sociopathic trend. Serious psychiatry would ensue anyone who performed this play, but let’s put it in a commercial!

I digress. End rant.

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