It’s Only 9 Months

In case I hadn’t told you, my husband and I have been a couple for almost ten years, living together for over five years, and married for just over a year. Needless to say, we’ve been in each other’s lives a long time and have been through so much together.

Back when we were a bit younger, Hubby went into the Coast Guard. The day he was shipped out was probably one of the hardest days of my life. I don’t think I had a tear left in me for at least a year after that day. Two months later, eight weeks, he was graduating from Boot Camp and coming home for ten days! I was so excited to see him; impatient hardly even touches the mood I was in.

Once we made it to the base in New Jersey, the Officers corralled us into an auditorium type room and played a video for us to show what the recruits went through during their time in Boot Camp, “It’s Just Eight Weeks”. It was a twenty minute video of on base training including interviews with cadets. All I really remember of it was the screaming. Oh, boy, the screaming; it really cut through the impatient squirming I was doing in my chair, practically dying to see my love.

But even through the screaming, the title really stuck out to me; it’s only eight weeks.

Eight weeks is only 56 days, is only 1,344 hours. How many times has the month turned into the next without notice? How many times has an hour gotten away from us? When put into perspective, eight weeks is a blink of an eye. (A blink of an eye is probably really a millisecond in the grand scheme of things, but who asked the scientist?) When I finally saw him, eight weeks seemed bearable, seemed like the blink we were just discussing.

So is that how 9 months is going to feel? I’m thinking not.

In case the name of this post didn’t give it away, I am pregnant! Sixteen weeks along to be exact. Hubby and I couldn’t be more excited! We are completely over the moon about the new addition to our little family which will be a little girl! We found out around week 12 what we were expecting because we opted for this really amazing genetic noninvasive screening called Panorama. We found out our growing gummy bear was completely healthy and a girl with this screening and all they had to do was take blood from my arm. Crazy, right?

The first 15 weeks were rough. I’ve already been on bed rest two separate times for a span of a few days each due to complications that I ended up in the ER for. Not to mention the dizziness, fatigue, morning sickness, and back pain; like I said, rough! Luckily, I never actually got sick, but the feeling was definitely there.

By week 16, I was praying for a change, and thankfully it was answered! The fatigue is still around, but I feel like I can at least make it through a work day now, and all other symptoms are now gone. The issues from before have gone away for the most part, but at my twenty week appointment, we will make sure they are completely gone!

With everything going on, I’m starting to think that 9 months definitely will not be a blink of an eye. The first 15 weeks seemed to drag and now things are looking up, so hopefully the second trimester will fly by, and who knows what the third will hold. I know in the end it will all be worth it, and once I meet my daughter, nine months won’t have been long enough, but at this point, December 25th can’t come soon enough!

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