Setting a New Self-Standard


Yep, that’s me!

I have really pushed things to the back burner that are literally starting to burn! Before this pot boils over, let me catch up on a couple of things.

I shared back in January that I had started a diet and was having great success; still am, and met my goal toward the end of February – beginning March.  My goal was 20lbs, and I am happy to say that I have held that mark very well since that timeframe. I had a couple of bad weekend reverts resulting in a few pound gains, but I was able to lose it again by just sticking with my exercise and diet routine. Overall, I am very happy with my achievement!

Next, writing. I’m extremely sad to say that I have not really written much since my latest novel “The Shoreline”, but coming this summer, I plan to really buckle down again and push the 3 current projects I have left unattended out to readers. Since my most recent work was self published, I found a couple of work opportunities within the company I currently am employed with as an Administrative Assistant.

A colleague received her Certified Administrative Professional (CAP) Certification and passed on the information to our Admin Team. Of course I was interested! On their front page it lists a potential up to 6% raise.

(It’s not just the money, though. Continued education goes a long way when you only have an Associates. It was a big accomplishment to receive my degree; don’t get me wrong because I am very proud! But Bachelors versus Associates, who do you think would win? I digress!)

My coworker introduced me to the organization that gave the exam, International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP), back in October, and since then, I have done nothing but study my rear off! I didn’t think I would ever see the day when hubby would say I’m never home! I’ve joined three study groups, bought numerous books, and have sifted through every online source I could find to get all the information I could to pass this exam. I literally have a 5 inch binder bursting with information I’ve studied!

As of a couple weeks ago if you would’ve asked me how confident I was about passing the test I probably would have laughed then cried and huddled into a corner with one of my books. Today, I can say I am way more confident. Almost two weeks left before the exam, and I am pretty sure I got this! If I do not pass I can retake it again in March 2015, but I don’t think I’ll need the second try. Eye of the tiger! I got this!

To sum it up, since I’ve taken this on, I’ve moved writing to the way, way, way back burner, but once it is over, I am determined to get back to work on my writing! I can feel it building within me. I really need to have a couple of #1hr1k sessions. I’ve really begun to miss it!

So, here’s the new self-standard: once the exam is over in May, I will begin writing until I have drained the huge levy of ideas that have been trapped in my kind this entire time.

Writing will no longer be the burning pot!

Back to studying!

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