Movie Review – “Lone Survivor”

Now, before I get into the actual review, I would just like to put a disclaimer that I typically do not like “war” types of movies, but because this was based on a true story/book, I really wanted to watch it. Plus, I really like Mark Wahlberg as an actor.

OK, review.

Lone Survivor was based on the life of Marcus Lutrell and his fellow service men during the “Enduring Freedom War” in Afghanistan, but specifically one mission “Operation Red Wing”. As the title shows, out of all of his fellow “brother’s in arms”, Marcus was the only one to make it out of the mission alive.

Before I go any further, I would like to thank every man and woman who has served in the military. Your courage, honor, and sacrifice can never be compared or repaid, but you are the people who keep this country “the land of the free”, and without you, we would become just like the countries you are commanded to be in so far from home. Thank you for all you do.

Back to the review.

The movie was about two hours long which I felt to be perfect. There is a lot of comparison to Saving Private Ryan with this film, but I just don’t see the correlation. Saving Private Ryan, albeit a good movie, was very drawn out and a work of fiction; this, my friends, is no fiction. This is the real life account of Mr. Marcus Lutrell, and he left nothing to be desired in his book and in this movie. I do not believe the movie could have been stretched out anymore than its current run time without losing the strongest emotion it brought with it. Watch it to find out which I’m talking about, but based on the title, I’m sure you can guess.

The movie’s cinematography was very well done; there was no guessing as to what was going on, or what anyone was thinking within it. What hurts me is the idea that I had never heard of this operation before, and am sad to say, I don’t remember the names of these gentlemen ever being mentioned. The idea that anyone can go through what Lutrell, all those that made the ultimate sacrifice on that mountain top, and their families back at home, went through, and I’m sure are still going through, breaks my heart.

Mr. Marcus Lutrell, I applaud you for the amazing work you have done with this book and film, and I can’t even imagine what you went through in order to put it all down on paper for the world to see, but thank you. Thank you for sharing not only your story, but the story of all those “frogmen” who gave their lives that day. (Lutrell makes a cameo on the movie, also, which I have no clue how he felt while doing so. I don’t know if I could handle it, but as a Navy Seal, I know this man has a stronger heart and mind than most in this world. Watch the movie, and you’ll see what I’m talking about.)

And to anyone who feels that this movie is just war propaganda, or as a very unintelligent critic said about this movie being “pro-war” and too violent, just what do you think these men and women are required to do over there in the mountains of a foreign country where most everyone hates you in order to get home to their loved one’s? Quoting Lutrell’s response, “No one is pro-war. Nobody wants war. It’s the most horrible thing in the world.”

Thank you, Mr. Marcus Lutrell and all of his fallen comrades, and I hope you know you all have this countries deepest gratitude.

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