The Eighth Day

Oh, how busy! I swear being an adult just comes with never ending critical situations.

Tomorrow will mark a week that I have started with a dieting center called “Physicians Weight Loss Center”. I found them as part of an Amazon Local coupon, and I am now on a strict, healthy, monitored diet for a month that I swear I eat more now than I did before, but it is all healthy food!

My nutritionist, Whitney, has been great with helping me get the hang of things so far. There is so much to learn that I never realized I was doing wrong. I never really ate “bad” food, but between my sugar intake and the quantity of food within my meals, it’s becoming very easy to see why I gained the weight I did.

By no means is this an add for the company or a testimony to any results (I haven’t even had my first weigh in, yet!), but more a question, I guess.

Right now, I’m not going to lie, I could really go for some McDonald’s and Mrs. Fields cookies, but I am so excited about my potential weight loss that I refuse to dwell on those glutenous thoughts! Whitney told me that my goal is obtainable, so I cannot wait to see what will happen. I want to make sure that I give her the full month before adding any “cheating” items.

But, here’s my question.

Have you ever noticed the “Eighth Day Hump”? For those who have tried quitting something, whether a diet, quit smoking, giving up some other bad habit, didn’t you find that after that first week, the beginning of the next was just the most difficult.

As I said above, this will be my seventh day, the weigh in day tomorrow, and I am really nervous. What if after all the hard work I have put in this week, I haven’t had any results? What if after going through this first week, I haven’t made any progress? I can’t even imagine the disappointment I’ll feel if the scale doesn’t move in the right direction!

I’ve already warned my husband that he probably shouldn’t be home when I get out of the center after this weigh in depending on which way the scale tips. I’m really not sure what the results will be, but I know I do feel better. I don’t feel as bloated or fatigued (still tired, but again with the Ode to Adulthood). I’m never hungry because I eat so much good food, and I am actually starting to like figuring out ways to make my food taste good because I don’t have to eat plain anything!

I am definitely excited about this life change, but I really hope this eighth day won’t be my undoing!

Next blog post: Writing on the Road Again!

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