Movie Craze!

In the past week, I can’t even begin to tell you how many movies I have seen! My husband and I have been going none stop since we signed up with a program to see as many movies as we want for a certain fee once a month. I would say their name, but at the moment, I am not happy with their latest rule. 

Anywho, we have seen a great number of movies since this summer, but here are some of the most recent and favorites.

“We’re the Millers” was hilarious! Seeing Jennifer Aniston in a role unlike any she has ever been in, in my opinion, was incredible! Casting her in that comedic role as a stripper was a winner in my book! Jason Sudeikis was a fair choice also, but there were times in the movie that I felt he could’ve done more. At times, it felt a bit cheesy, but the overall story was very likable. 

If you haven’t seen “The Heat” yet put it on your to do list! Speaking of comedies, “The Heat” was probably one of my favorites this year! This movie had me dying of laughter from start to finish!  Sandra Bullock is one of my favorite actresses, and boy, does she deliver. Her personality in most movies recently is stuck up and well to do, which in this flick seems to stay true, but by the end, she lets loose and shows a side I’ve missed since the first “Miss Congeniality”. Melissa McCarthy, on the other hand, is the one that had me rolling on the floor the entire movie! She is definitely loud and crude, but her acting really makes this movie the true belly buster it is!

Then there was “Bad Grandpa”. My hubby loves this type of comedy and was the one who wanted to see it, but all I could think of was “Jackass”. I’m not a huge fan of those movies due to the gross factor in some of the scenes, but I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised with Johnny Knoxville’s roles in “Bad Grandpa”. The story wasn’t much, a grandfather and his grandson on a trip cross-country, but it was definitely touching in some areas. I didn’t expect that sort of sentiment from a “Dickhouse” Production, and to those that can’t believe there were no “Jackass”-like scenes, don’t worry, they were there!

Most recently we went to see “Ender’s Game” which I will post a review about on my co-owned website soon, but as a sneak preview, great scenes, decent tribute. 

And finally, just today we went and saw “Thor: Dark World”.  I absolutely love Natalie Portman; she is definitely my woman crush! Everything she acts in I feel she gives her all and “Thor” is no different. Chris Hemsworth is perfectly cast for Thor and gives a great performance, even Loki is a highlighted character throughout. Hubby and I have made a game out of finding Stan Lee in each comic book movie, so see if you can find him in this one! There are so many twists and turns as only “Marvel/Disney” can deliver, so be sure to stay after the credits for two additional bits!

If you have time in your busy life, try and see all that I have listed above! You will not be disappointed!  Also, make a stop at for some “Movie Adaptation” talk!



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