Meet BJ and Fayeth!

I have yet to introduce parts of the reason I get out of bed each morning. (Seriously, these little guys pretty much make me!) They are the only being that I don’t have a choice in whether or not I want company wherever I go within my house. He is the only little fella that I can never be mad at and always refer to as my little guy! What’s black and white, weighs six and a half pounds, and is my personal little heater? My Chihuahua, BJ! And what is fifteen pounds, orange and brown, and all fluff? My cat, Fayeth!

Both of our animals have been in our lives since 2011. My husband and I inherited BJ and a calico, tortoiseshell mix cat, Fayeth. They were my husband’s grandparents animals, and when my husband’s grandparents passed, we brought them home.

Fayeth is only a year old and is part feral. I say part because she really isn’t ill tempered, just becomes aggravated if you pet her too long, like any cat would. She is a rescued kitten that was found in a bush at my husband’s grandparents house. She is a beautifully marked cat, orange, white and brown ringed, and very sweet when she wants to me. She is extremely fluffy and fluffy in another way (don’t tell her I said that!).

BJ just turned four years old and is my problem child. He is completely attached to me which I have heard most Chihuahua’s are a one person dog, and he absolutely hates my husband, but that is not where our problem lies. Our problem is that BJ has a very sensitive stomach while Fayeth will eat anything!

BJ has food allergies, and the pain of trying to figure out what his issue was agonizing! Once a month, BJ would have extremely bad diarrhea, mucasy and, at times, we thought, bloody. We took him to the vet once every three months to have his anal glands expressed; the vet put him on an acidophilus powder to help his digestive system; nothing worked for over a year! Our poor carpets and steam cleaner got a work out!

We wanted so badly to comfort him and figure out what was causing the issue, the vet saw us at least once a month. Finally, after tests coming back clear, we were told to change his diet. We cut out everything we were originally giving him over a span of a week or so and tried another diet, but that still didn’t work!

The vet decided the next best move would be to try a hypoallergenic diet, and finally, after a year and a half, we have success! It has been about two months now, and we haven’t had another episode. (Knock on wood!!)  The best part about it all, BJ actually really likes the food, and my steam cleaner can take a vacation!

I decided to share this story so that A. you could meet my animals, and B. if you are having the same issue with your animal, ask you vet about this option! It saved our carpets!


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