Book Review: Beautiful Disaster Part 2

After my previous posting on this novel, I read into some other people’s reviews, wondering how well the book was viewed by others since it has become one of my top five favorite. I was very interested in what I found.   While the majority of the reviews were all filled with very well received comments, there were more than a few of them claiming the book was based on an abusive relationship.


First of all, there are no signs of physical abuse in this novel whatsoever, so let me put the potential reader at ease before I continue. Never once do either main characters or any of the sub characters touch each other with anything other than love except when Travis is MMA like fighting, then he kicks butt, but other than that, there are no signs of physical abuse. There is no verbal abuse, either. The only abuse I can think these people are somehow relating to is mental, but even that is a stretch.

Never once do either of the main characters, Abby and Travis, make the other feel unworthy of love or unhappy with themselves. Mental abuse in a relationship is when a partner makes the other party feel less of a person. Jamie McGuire never once allows her characters to go to that level, therefore, I have no clue what these people are talking about.  Throughout the novel there are a lot of give and takes within the Abby and Travis relationship, but neither one of them ever cross a line in their relationship that verges on abuse, so the only thing I can think people are skewing is that Abby and Travis live to torture each other. Shep, Travis’s roommate and cousin, even says that very line on page 249 right before they go to the first fraternity date party. They make each other crazy, sometimes jealous on purpose, but it is only because they have never experienced a love that unfolds throughout the novel.

Travis and Abby both have a love that is so deep and passionate. It is something that few ever experience, and something that most people are afraid of because they don’t understand it, but it is not something that the two characters do not want. There is never a time throughout the novel that either character actually comes out and says that they do not want what the other is giving, or that they need help out of the situation because they do not want it. So as two grown adults are in a relationship and have so much feeling toward each other, I am confused at where these people think the abuse is.

Travis is a fighter which just further points to his personality in love. He loves Abby so much, body and soul, that being without her is something that he cannot live with. If you have never felt that way about somebody, felt so strongly for someone that if they were not part of your life then you would fall apart, then you have never felt true love. A love so pure that you didn’t know you were looking for it or missing it until you found it.

This type of passion is not for the weak minded, but I promise, for those that know what this all consuming love is like, you will not be disappointed in this novel.


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