To Do List!

What I like to do every now and then is post what I am currently working on. I feel like this not only keeps you, the seeker, up to date on what is currently going on behind the scenes, but also keeps me on track!

First of all, I have a great number of projects that are all begging for my attention. I have two romances in the works, a spiritual romance, a paranormal romance, and a mystery/suspense novel all waiting on the burners. I have been focusing on one of the romances since I finished “The Shoreline” (and man is it boiling hot), but I can’t seem to pull myself completely away from my other projects. Now just to find the time to get them all done! 

I am also writing within a forum called Indie Author Forums, or IAF. While it is still new and budding, we are filling it with topics that we feel will benefit any Indie Author, and help a fellow seeker find their next great escape!

Finally, I am continuing my search for my next favorite novel. I am in the midst of reading three at the moment, and, because I think it is a great marketing tool that I have used for both of my novels, I have entered numerous book giveaways on GoodReads. Entering the giveaways not only gives you a chance to win a free copy of a novel, but it has also introduced me to many new authors I might have never found otherwise. And guess what! I actually won one!

With all of the to do’s each begging for some sort of attention, every now and then I need a second to just write something completely random and completely off topic of the above, so for giving me that opportunity, I thank you for the refocusing!

See you soon! (Whenever I can knock a few things off my list!)

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