It’s the Holiday Season!

During this season, I try my hardest to remember that Christmas is about more than the hustle and bustle of the retail world. Christmas isn’t just the stress of finding the perfect gift or making it to every family gathering. This wonderful time of year is suppose to be about the gift of giving; it isn’t about what you give, but in the manner that you give it.

If you truly wanted to give a gift to someone, monetary or size shouldn’t be the biggest determination, but the effect the gift will have on the receiver should be. If you wanted to give a gift, make it one that they will cherish forever. For the sentimental types, give a scrapbook/photo album. For the higher strung, try piecing together their favorite things into a collage or CD slideshow, i.e.  fans of certain musicians could be given a homemade CD full of pictures of the musician with their music playing in the background.

No matter what you decide to give someone, make sure that it means something, and you will find what the true meaning of Christmas is!

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