Work in progress.. Waiting on the Muse!

Oh, boy! Whole new agenda has started taking hold of my ever busy schedule. I have three projects in the works; two novels and a novella. The novella has taken the forefront in the creativity category, so the novels, one almost finished now, are waiting in the winds. Oh yeah, and another novel idea has popped itself into my mind as I write this lovely blog post! Quickly jotting that one down!

Creativity is a funny little Muse. No matter what you plan to do, she always has something else in mind. It’s like she pops up whenever she feels necessary and expects you to do exactly what she wants or face the consequences, AKA writers block. What an inconsiderate little Muse. Huh, kind of sounds like a certain gender that matches my description.

Scratch that last comment.. 🙂

So now that I am waiting to see what happens with my new ideas, I’ve been playing with titles and character names, probably one of my favorite and, at times, least favorite parts of writing books. My first novel, “See You Soon”, the names of the characters were brought to me so easily (hence the Muse), but in my newest novel, I am having a hard time placing a name to the personality. And in the novella, I am having an even harder time figuring out a title.

Well, I guess I’ll wait around for the self amusing little Muse to pop me in the head for my next wonderful creative spree to fill in all the necessary blanks. I can’t wait for you to read them! Escape is just around the corner, my friends!

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