End of Summer

Before anyone corrects me, I know summer officially ended in September, but there are a few reasons I am calling this the end of my summer.

As a kid, summer meant being out of school for three months, going to the community pool and, of course, the ice cream man! I can remember all of my childhood summers being filled with sun, friends and family vacations. How easy it all was then. And summer was officially over when school started again, homework started taking up my free time, and the days became shorter.

As an adult, summer begins when the weather warms up enough to wear my summer wardrobe and ends when a few things happen. First, when I have to put on a jacket or hoodie in order to not shiver from the cold. Second, when I have to put away the flip flops and open toe shoes for tennis shoes and boots because my feet start turning blue from the undesirable temperature! And lastly, summer is officially over when there are “Fall Festivals” to attend.

I’m a summer girl through and through. I love the long days of basking in the sun and feeling its warmth. There is nothing better to me than sitting on a beach with the ocean spray on my face, the sun warming my skin, and a drink in hand.

But today, I will be going to the “Country Fall Fair” in a hoodie and boots, so I think it is safe to say for me summer is officially over. How sad,

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