On the agenda

Now that my first book “See You Soon” has made its way to most ebook websites, and I have given out twenty hard copies to close friends and family, it’s time to move onto my next big thing.

I will still be promoting and putting my first book into the hands of eager readers, but there are a few characters that cannot seem to leave my mind alone. I have started a new novel with these characters, but am unsure of the name for now. It will be another romance, but the setting this time is in Outer Banks, North Carolina where I have spent many of my summers. The romantic setting is perfect for the undeniable attraction that connect my two new characters.

So far they have led me into many twists and turns that I didn’t even see coming, but like I tell everyone who asks, how do you write a novel; you just do. You let your characters take you to where they want to go, not force them into a rigid outline of where you think the story should begin and end. If you think having a game plan works for you, just once try to write whatever comes to your mind. Write a conversation between two people, describe where they are and how they feel in each moment. I bet you will never guess where they will take you. if you let them decide where they want to end up, I bet you will be surprised with the amazing ride!

I’ll keep you posted on the progression my new novel, but for now, here’s a quote from my first novel “See You Soon”! Check it out under my written works page and enter to win the paperback signed copy giveaway through GoodReads!

“Tessaira, I have always been yours,” was all Jimmy could say before the hunger and need to touch her, comfort her, overcame him.

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