“See You Soon”

After months of writing and more months after trying to find the right person to format my work and an awesome cover designer, it has been published!! My first novel, “See You Soon”, has been published on all major websites! My novel is an ebook! There is nothing better after working your butt off on a project than the end product. If you wold like to see what I am talking about, head over to my written works page, and there you will find links to it.

My next adventure for this piece is to sell it in paperback form! I am almost through the process, hoping sometime soon it will be available for you through all the major book store websites! I’ll keep you posted!

This piece was fun to write, and it was even more fun to see how the characters took shape to play out to a lovely ending. I love strong men and women characters whose personalities and relationships develop over the course of a novel. Not to mention a little steam in between.  🙂

My next novel is underway, and I cannot wait for you to read it!

Welcome to my imagination. Watch out, world; Lindsay Chamberlin is unleashing.

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