Here we go!

Welcome to my page!

Have you ever searched one of the many “ebook” websites for that perfect book? For the amazing novel that would quench your literary thirst? If you have ever found yourself reading an author you have never heard or genre you have never tried, then you know exactly what I mean. But what happens when that need is no longer satisfied by reading another novel, novella or epic?

This happens. A writer is born.

Thanks to self publishing, the considerable ache that had been only put at bay by reading others works can now be completely suppressed within me. I can finally write a wonderful story of two lovers, or something completely out of this world and people may find their next need met by me.

I know I am new at this, but give me time, and I plan to be a favorite. 🙂

First order of business, get my book in ebook format. COMING SOON!

Second order of business, find some readers. That’s where you come in! Please take your time in reading the synopsis of my first novel “See You Soon”, even go to one of the websites and read the samples to see if it will meet your longings.

Third, follow up. And believe me, I will follow up!

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